Maisie Williams for Time Out London (September 30, 2014)

How to fuck with anime fans:
Step 1) put a wig on your dog
Step 2)


shout out to people who are scared to call others out, whose hands shake when they try to explain what’s wrong, whose throats threaten to close up with thoughts of ‘what if i’m just overreacting’, whose hearts are pounding out of their chests because they just stuck their necks out for their beliefs, who have lost friends and respect and safety for aligning themselves with causes

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i dont date in high school because no one is rich yet so whats the point

what friends have you met because of fandoms/tumblr?
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Jen and I started talking because of the Starkid Secret Santa. 

I have no idea why Stephanie and I started talking. She’s super rad though.

Some of my best friends I met through tumblr because of Leakycon. Angie, Holly, and Kayla (plus Steph, but we had been friends for years before) were roommates in Chicago and Portland.


Hey guys! I wrote a blog for work recently about my experience designing the t-shirt for LeakyCon, and it comes with a t-shirt giveaway.
If any of you would like to have a chance to win it, check out my blog here for the details, or go straight to our Facebook post and comment!
me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped
me the second i get home: nah


im just waitin for some mysterious person to come into my life and tell me i am the chosen one for some crazy ass mission thing which will be no surprise to me cuz i rock n i kick butt n then ill save the world but in a cool n badass way n probably look hot as heck while doing it 




my favorite college experience is when i had a 7am class and the kid next to me literally poured a monster energy drink into his coffee said “i’m going to die” and drank the whole thing

i knew a guy who brewed his instant coffee with monster instead of water. three cups in two hours. i think he ascended to the astral realm

the survivability of the human race never ceases to amaze me